Thursday, September 16, 2010

Actress Seetha and TV Serial Actor Satish Marriage Photos

Tamil Actress Seetha has married the television series actor Satish at a private ceremony in Chennai. Seetha and sathish have been relation in TV series shoot.
Seetha reportedly said, “I am happy about my life. Satish is a gentleman who understands me and cares for me a lot. A woman should be in the company of a man in her life for many reasons. Satish is a nice companion.” Before this wedding, Seetha was married to the Tamil actor Parthiban which was done against her parents will however the marriage concluded some years back as the couple was separated. Seetha has two daughters Abinaya & Keerthana and a son named Radhakrishnan who are living with their father Parthiban. After the divorce, Seetha started acting in Tamil serials and during that time she fell in love with TV Actor Satish and started living in a live-in relationship. Satish and Seetha have understood each other pretty well and now have tied the knot at her house in Saligramam, Chennai.

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udaygunar said...

this is Satish shah, a bolly woood actor not Tamil tv serial actor Satish. you stupids!!

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